Higher Covering Power

The ability of pigment to cover the surface of a coated object no longer can be exposed through the coating is called the hiding power of the pigment.

Strong Coloring Force

The coloring power is the ability to form a strong color after mixing the pigment with the base pigment. The stronger the pigment's absorptive capacity, the higher its coloring power.

Good Dispersivity

Each pigment particle is completely released from flocculation, that is, it is wrapped by a thin layer of paint or solvent.

Good light resistance and weatherability

Direct sunlight doesn't fade. It can withstand outdoor weather and high temperatures. Besides, Low content of heavy metals to meet the international standard.

About Chemate

Leading Manufacturer & Exporter

With more than 15 years' experience in producing and exporting of iron oxide pigments and titanium dioxide in China.

Advanced Equipment

All of Chemate chemical products adopts the most advanced technology & equipment in the world.

Large Amount in Stock

We can meet the large order demand from customers, and the annual output can be up to 300,000 tons.

Awesome Support

We always provide global customers with the best product consulting service, as well as free sample delivery.

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