Black Iron Oxide

>>> Black Iron Oxide Powder

CAS No. 1317-61-9

EC No. 215-277-5

Chemate black iron oxide powder for sale with excellent pigment characteristics and chemical properties will be your ideal choice.

  • high coloring power and hiding power.
  • Excellent light resistance, weather resistance and high temperature resistance.

Application of Black Iron Oxide

Black Asphalt Road
Uses in asphalt road
Black Rubber Floor
Uses in rubber floor
Black Painting
Uses in paint and coating
Black Construction
Uses in Construction
Black Masterbatch
Uses in masterbatch
Black Pigment for Plastic
Uses in Plastic
  • Paint and coating. It is suitable for various paint coloring, including water-based interior and exterior wall paints and powder paints. Can also be used in oily paints, such as, epoxy, alkyd, amino and other primers and topcoats, as well as toy paint, decorative paint, furniture paint, electrophoretic paint, magnetic paint.
  • Coloring of plastic and rubber products. Including thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics. Also suitable for the coloring of rubber products, such as, automobile inner tubes, aircraft inner tubes, bicycle inner tubes, etc…
  • Construction. Coloring agent of various architectural ceramics and glazed ceramics, such as, ashlar bricks, floor tiles, roof tiles, panels, terrazzo, mosaic tiles, artificial marble, etc…
  • Coloring agents for paper and leather.

Technical Specifications

Item Unit Index Value Test Method
Contents(Fe3O4) % ≥90 ISO1248
Oil absorption ml/100g 15-25 ISO787-5
Res.on 325 mesh % ≤0.5 ISO787-7
Water soluble salts % ≤0.5 ISO787-3
Moisture % ≤1.5 ISO787-2
PH value 5-8 ISO787-9
Ignition loss(1,000℃,1/2h) % ≤5.0 DIN55913
Bulk density g/cm³ 0.8-1.2 ISO787-11
Specific gravity g/cm³ 4.6/4.8 ISO787-10
Particle size BET µm 0.15/0.2 Eletron Micrographs
Dispersibility(Hegman) µm 20/30/40 ISO787-20
Tinting Strength(Compared with Standard) % 95-105 ISO787-24
Color Difference ΔE (Compared with Standard) ≤1.0 ISO787-1

Color Alta

Item/Colour Alta

Primary Color

Dilute Color(TiO2: black iron oxide=10:1)

 Iron Oxide Black 330

Black 330Black Dilute Color 330

Iron Oxide Black 722

Black 357Black Dilute Color 357

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