Colorful Bricks

Iron Oxide for Colorful Bricks to Sri Lanka

Lately, a client from Sri Lanka ordered a large batch of iron oxide pigments, including red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, compound green and yellow iron oxide from us. The customer is the owner of a factory that produces colorful bricks and he need iron oxide to colour the colorful bricks all year round. During …

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pigments delivery

Iron Oxide Pigment to Turkey

Recently, a customer from Turkey ordered a batch of iron oxide pigment powder from our company – Chemate Group, a professional and reliable manufacturer and supplier of iron oxide pigments. The customer works in a company that manufactures paint and coatings in Turkey, so they have a high requirement for the quality and take the quality …

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Titanium Dioxide Rutile Grade for Masterbatch

Titanium Dioxide to Saudi Arabia

Our company has a long-term cooperation customer from Saudi Arabia who needs large quantities of titanium dioxide and iron oxide pigments for the production of masterbatch. He found our website by searching the keywords of titanium dioxide on Google and sent us an inquiry for the first time. Through deeper communication with the client, we …

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